What an ancient poem says about China's fearful tech tycoons

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 13:07
A thousand-year-old poem just cost Chinese delivery giant Meituan tens of billions of dollars in market value, further rattling a tech industry that is already on edge.
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Designs unveiled for the world's largest single-domed greenhouse

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 13:04
French architecture firm Coldefy has revealed its latest ambitious project: the largest single-domed greenhouse in the entire world. Spanning over 20,000 square meters (215,278 square feet) the gigantic energy self-sufficient structure, christened "Tropicalia," is set to be completed in 2024 in the Cote d'Opale, or Opal Coast, in France.
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Love Lake: Heart-shaped lagoons link up in Dubai desert

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 12:57
The sun is just dipping below the horizon as a steady line of four-wheel-drives, and a few plucky little sedans, pour into the Al Qudra oasis on the outskirts of Dubai.
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Companies are being held to ransom. Should they pay up to get back online?

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 12:31
A devastating ransomware attack on a critical fuel pipeline in the United States has highlighted the growing threat that cyber criminals pose to the world's largest corporations and strategic infrastructure.
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Michael Jordan shares final text messages he exchanged with Kobe Bryant

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 12:15
NBA legend Michael Jordan has shared his final text conversation with the late, great Kobe Bryant.
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Video shows 13-story tower collapse in Gaza following Israeli airstrikes

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 11:36
A 13-story residential tower block in Gaza city collapsed after it was hit by an Israeli airstrike, drawing vows of retaliation from Palestinian militants. Tensions in the region have escalated and the international community is calling for a de-escalation of violence. One of the main sources of growing unrest in recent days has been the possible eviction of several Palestinian families from their homes in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah. CNN's John Vause has more.
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Perseverance rover is ready to unlock the history of Mars

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 11:32
For the past month, the Perseverance rover has spent much of its time documenting the flights of the Ingenuity helicopter on Mars. In between those events, the rover has also been taking in the local view and spied a multitude of intriguing rocks.
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A 95-year-old man just became the oldest organ donor in US history

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 11:26
A woman who is recovering from a liver transplant not only has a new lifesaving organ, but one that made history.
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Attorneys for Andrew Brown's family will continue to petition for release of all videos of fatal shooting

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 11:24
Following the family's viewing of body and dash camera footage of Andrew Brown Jr.'s death, attorneys for the family recommitted to pursuing the full release of all videos of the shooting.
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Manchester City wins Premier League title in an 'insane' season for Pep Guardiola's team

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 11:17
In 1998, two years after Nedum Onuoha joined Manchester City's academy, the club he supported was relegated to the third tier of English football.
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A robotic 'Ironhand' could protect factory workers from injuries

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 10:52
Working in a factory or warehouse can mean doing the same task over and over, and that repetition can lead to chronic injury. Now, a battery-powered glove could help workers by taking some of the strain.
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More than 40% of expats in a new survey are thinking of leaving Hong Kong

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 10:44
More than 40% of expats surveyed by the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong say they're considering moving away from the former British colony as China's influence grows and the city continues to enforce stringent quarantine rules.
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Eid al-Fitr 2021: Delicious Mediterranean recipes to celebrate the end of Ramadan

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 10:32
Food writer Yvonne Maffei shares her recipes for Turkish stuffed grape leaves and baklava.
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Two California police officers were killed while on duty in a 24-hour span, officials say

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 10:06
Two California police officers were killed while on duty in the span of 24 hours, officials said Tuesday.
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Dua Lipa's Brit Awards outfits channel UK pop icons

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 09:55
Dua Lipa channeled UK pop icons Geri Halliwell and Amy Winehouse as she sported both a Union Jack ensemble and a towering beehive at the Brit Awards Tuesday evening.
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This is how US officials are trying to rally teens to get vaccinated

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 09:29
With a new demographic now eligible for Covid-19 vaccines, public health officials hoping to fight variants will have to adjust their strategy to convince 12 to 15-year-olds and their parents to sign up for inoculations.
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Time is running out for Beijing to prepare its economy for a 'great demographic unknown'

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 08:26
China is growing fast — but the workforce powering its economic rise is shrinking.
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'You breathe differently when you aren't the only one:' Women are leading America's key news outlets

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 07:34
A version of this article first appeared in the "Reliable Sources" newsletter. You can sign up for free right here.
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Cheney shames colleagues who will purge her for disloyalty to Trump

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 07:11
• Analysis: Vote against Cheney is a fateful moment in US history
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