Investors may have misjudged the recovery summer

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 15:26
We've all missed live concerts, weekend getaways and long vacations in the sun.
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India's total Covid-19 cases passes 23 million

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 15:19
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Cupp: Graham said the most honestly naked thing I've heard about state of GOP

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 15:19
CNN's SE Cupp reacts to Sen. Lindsey Graham's analysis that if the GOP were to drive out former President Donald Trump, half the party would leave.
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Top congressional leaders to meet with Biden for the first time in crucial week for his infrastructure plan

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 15:01
President Joe Biden faces a crucial moment on Wednesday in what is shaping up as an important week for his infrastructure priorities when he holds his first bipartisan meeting with the top four members of congressional leadership at the White House.
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Andra Day lost 40 pounds to play Billie Holiday -- but she didn't feel any prettier

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 14:57
Golden Globe-winner Andra Day has revealed that she lost 40 pounds to play jazz legend Billie Holiday -- but it didn't make her feel any prettier.
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A school reopening success story

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 14:54
Last month, I visited White Plains High School in Westchester County, New York, as part my school reopening tour across eight states and the District of Columbia . Seventy percent of high schoolers in the White Plains district are back to in-person learning. Over ninety percent of elementary aged students are back in classrooms. The school system has been open for in-person instruction since August, and they haven't closed since.
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Palestinian politician: Israel's behavior led to this escalation

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 14:53
CNN's Rosemary Church speaks with Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, President of the Palestinian National Initiative political party, about the intensifying violence between Israelis and Palestinians.
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Boy meets girl. Girl goes traveling for 2 years

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 14:44
American student Nicole Erickson was about to embark on an epic round the world trip. Ahead of her lay two years of adventure that could change her life forever.
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Biden administration winds down Trump's pandemic food box program

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 14:24
As the country slowly climbs out of the pandemic, the Biden administration is ending a program that delivered nearly 167 million boxes of fresh food to families in need and helped farmers sell their produce at a time when supply chain disruptions forced them to dump milk and destroy their crops.
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Sporting Lisbon's bittersweet title win after 19 years of hurt

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 14:12
The year was 2002. The Euro became the official currency for most countries in the European Union, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Golden Jubilee and Brazil won the World Cup with two goals from Ronaldo -- O Fenômeno -- in the final against Germany.
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Māori leader removed from New Zealand parliament after performing haka dance

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 14:11
The co-leader of New Zealand's Māori Party has been removed from parliament for the second time this year, after performing a ceremonial dance during a debate about indigenous rights.
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FEMA's Covid funeral assistance program is up and running after a rocky start. Here's how to apply

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 14:09
The Federal Emergency Management Agency approved more than 2,585 applications for newly available Covid-19 funeral assistance in the first month after the program launched -- but there are many more people waiting for help.
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Attorney General Garland and Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas to tout anti-domestic terror efforts

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 14:08
Attorney General Merrick Garland and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas will tout the Biden administration's approach to fighting domestic terrorism at a hearing Wednesday in front of a Congress still debating the cause of the January 6 US Capitol riot.
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The UK economy still has a huge mountain to climb

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 14:01
The UK economy is coming out of its deep freeze.
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As violence escalates, a new generation of Palestinians has caught Israeli and Palestinian leadership off guard

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 13:56
"Marhaba" -- hello in Arabic -- began the brief text the middle-aged Jerusalem housewife found on her cell phone Monday evening. "You have been identified participating in violent acts at Al Aqsa mosque. You will be held accountable. Israeli Intelligence."
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An Australian destroyer arrived in San Diego with 2 dead endangered whales stuck to its hull

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 13:38
Two dead endangered whales dislodged from the hull of an Australian destroyer after the warship docked in San Diego last weekend, according to the Royal Australian Navy.
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A man is arrested on a murder charge in the disappearance of a 2-year-old boy in Las Vegas

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 13:37
Las Vegas police arrested a man Tuesday in connection with the disappearance of a 2-year-old boy last week, the police department said.
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Price hikes continue to spook US markets

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 13:28
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Art Gensler, founder of the world's largest architecture firm, has died aged 85

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 13:20
Art Gensler, who grew his San Francisco interior design business into the world's largest architecture firm, has died aged 85.
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We saddled up to make sure Native Americans got to vote

CNN - Τετ, 2021-05-12 13:11
Last fall, in anticipation of a monumental presidential election, I organized the Ride to the Polls campaign, which led Diné voters on horseback to polling places to cast their votes in Arizona. We rode over 20 miles on horseback to honor our ancestors who did not have cars but still rode for miles and hours just to vote. By communicating this history and reminding our young people of these stories, we hoped they'd be motivated to protect the sacred -- our languages, cultures and lands that are impacted by policies and federal resources -- with their votes.
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