The scandal over Trump's leak investigations keeps getting worse

CNN - Τρί, 2021-06-15 02:15
First we learned that former President Donald Trump's Department of Justice secretly obtained records about the communications of members of the press.
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Biden says NATO must protect against 'phony populism' in jab at Trump

CNN - Τρί, 2021-06-15 02:09
President Joe Biden on Monday called on foreign leaders to protect against those who prey on division and push "phony populism," asserting that it's up to democratic nations to prove to the world that democracy can prevail and autocracies cannot "deliver for the needs of our people."
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This is the most intimidating person Anderson Cooper has ever interviewed

CNN - Τρί, 2021-06-15 02:08
Anderson Cooper takes viewer's questions on what he did for his son Wyatt's first birthday party, and also discusses some of his most intimidating interviews. Watch "Full Circle" Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6p E.T.
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See winning dog handler's reaction to 'Best in Show' clip

CNN - Τρί, 2021-06-15 02:01
Anderson Cooper talks to David Fitzpatrick, handler of the Pekingese who won Best in Show at this year's Westminster Dog Show, about the movie "Best in Show." Watch "Full Circle" Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm E.T.
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Mitch McConnell plays his Supreme Court card

CNN - Τρί, 2021-06-15 01:30
If President Joe Biden wants to fill a Supreme Court vacancy, he had better hope a seat opens up between now and the end of 2022.
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Pilot's pre-pandemic message found tucked away on a plane coming out of storage

CNN - Τρί, 2021-06-15 01:30
A note tucked away on a Delta plane in storage for more than a year is providing a look at the days right before the world shut down because of Covid-19.
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NATO declares China a security risk for first time in official communique

CNN - Τρί, 2021-06-15 01:10
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Biden's spectacular breach of royal protocol didn't keep UK visit from success

CNN - Τρί, 2021-06-15 00:10
There is a mystique that surrounds any meeting between the Queen of England and a President of the United States.
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CDC suspends import of dogs from countries with high rabies risk

CNN - Δευ, 2021-06-14 23:53
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Monday it will suspend the import of dogs from more than 100 countries where rabies still spreads among dogs.
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Biden says he had a 'very good meeting' with Turkish President Erdogan

CNN - Δευ, 2021-06-14 22:07
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Chrissy Teigen: I was a troll and I'm so sorry

CNN - Δευ, 2021-06-14 21:50
Chrissy Teigen's apology to Courtney Stodden for trolling apparently was just the tip of the iceberg.
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Boris Johnson extends Britain's long pandemic restrictions as variant stunts vaccine rollout

CNN - Δευ, 2021-06-14 21:40
The UK's plan to lift all Covid-19 restrictions on June 21 has been scuppered by the Delta variant of the virus, Boris Johnson said Monday.
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New space telescope could spot potentially hazardous asteroids heading for Earth

CNN - Δευ, 2021-06-14 21:29
A new space telescope that could spot potentially hazardous asteroids and comets heading for Earth is one step closer to reality.
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Stunning long range goal lights up Euro 2020 as Czech Republic beats Scotland

CNN - Δευ, 2021-06-14 21:28
Have we already seen the best goal of Euro 2020?
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Christiane Amanpour discusses her diagnosis on her show

CNN - Δευ, 2021-06-14 21:14
CNN's Christiane Amanpour explains her absence for the past four weeks by revealing she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.
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Christiane Amanpour shares cancer diagnosis with viewers

CNN - Δευ, 2021-06-14 21:08
CNN's chief international anchor Christiane Amanpour told viewers Monday that she has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.
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McConnell says 'highly unlikely' he would let Biden fill a Supreme Court vacancy in 2024 if GOP wins back Senate

CNN - Δευ, 2021-06-14 20:53
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Monday that if his party regains the majority in 2022 it's "highly unlikely" he would let President Joe Biden confirm a Supreme Court vacancy if one opened up in 2024, and was non-committal when asked about an opening at the end of 2023.
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3,000 unruly airplane passengers reported this year, FAA says

CNN - Δευ, 2021-06-14 20:09
Authorities have received more than 3,000 reports of unruly airplane passengers this year, and the majority of those involve face mask rules, the Federal Aviation Administration told CNN on Monday.
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World's smallest dinosaur is actually a 'weird' prehistoric lizard, scientists say

CNN - Δευ, 2021-06-14 20:03
A tiny skull entombed in 99-million-year-old amber that became the subject of scientific debate last year was initially thought to belong to the world's smallest dinosaur species.
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