Hear Biden's response to Colonial Pipeline attack

CNN - Δευ, 2021-05-10 22:03
President Joe Biden shares how his administration responded to the fallout of a ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline, which supplies much of the eastern United States its gasoline.
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America's electric cars need lithium so badly it may wipe out this species

CNN - Δευ, 2021-05-10 21:48
Fewer than 40 years after humans discovered Tiehm's buckwheat, a Nevada plant with yellow flowers, they may drive it to extinction in pursuit of electric vehicles, a technology widely hailed as being environmentally friendly.
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Malaysia imposes nationwide lockdown during 3rd wave of coronavirus

CNN - Δευ, 2021-05-10 20:59
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Jeff Bezos' superyacht is so big it needs its own yacht

CNN - Δευ, 2021-05-10 20:32
Today in ultra-billionaire news, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has purchased a modest 100-foot schooner as he looks forward to a quieter life and hours of reflection on the open seas ... LOL, just kidding.
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US scrambles to respond to cyberattack on critical pipeline

CNN - Δευ, 2021-05-10 20:27
Biden administration officials worked urgently Monday to ascertain the scope and fallout of a ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline, which supplies much of the eastern United States its gasoline -- an incident that laid bare vulnerabilities in the country's aging energy infrastructure.
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SpaceX claims it will accept dogecoin as payment for an upcoming moon mission

CNN - Δευ, 2021-05-10 19:58
SpaceX is claiming it will accept dogecoin — the somewhat satirical but popular cryptocurrency — as payment for an upcoming mission.
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In Colombia's protests, pandemic pressures collide with an existential reckoning for police

CNN - Δευ, 2021-05-10 19:29
Chief among the many grievances fueling the most widespread wave of protests Colombia has seen in years — including health reform, subsidies to informal workers, and a ban on forced coca eradication — were the police brutality and human rights abuses that many demonstrators accuse the country's security forces of committing.
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Bill and Melinda Gates have been working on their divorce since 2019, WSJ reports

CNN - Δευ, 2021-05-10 19:27
Bill and Melinda Gates have been in the process of getting divorced for two years, according to The Wall Street Journal.
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These countries fear they could become the next India

CNN - Δευ, 2021-05-10 19:24
Some countries in Africa have been relying on a vaccine-sharing initiative to help vaccinate the population. However, supplies are beginning to run out and the World Health Organization says it could open a door to a new wave of Covid-19 infections. CNN's David McKenzie answers your questions from Johannesburg.
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'Like witchcraft': The strange methods Republicans are using in recount

CNN - Δευ, 2021-05-10 19:13
Editorial director of VoteBeat Jessica Huseman explains the measures Republicans in Arizona are going through to recount ballots from the 2020 presidential election.
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History-making NASA spacecraft to head back to Earth

CNN - Δευ, 2021-05-10 19:11
After spending nearly two-and-a-half years together, a NASA spacecraft will bid farewell to its asteroid companion Monday and begin the long journey back to Earth.
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Donald Trump has some deep thoughts on Medina Spirit

CNN - Δευ, 2021-05-10 19:05
The big news in the sporting world over the weekend was that Medina Spirit, the surprise winner of the Kentucky Derby, had tested positive for an anti-inflammatory drug that is often used to mask injury or ease joint pain in thoroughbred racehorses.
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Low pay, 'toxic' workplaces are driving restaurant workers away

CNN - Δευ, 2021-05-10 19:04
On a typical week in pre-pandemic times, about 15 people would walk into one of Patrick Whalen's casual elegant restaurants seeking a job in the kitchen.
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See stranded whale rescued in London's River Thames

CNN - Δευ, 2021-05-10 18:43
A minke whale was rescued after it got stranded in London's River Thames, hundreds of miles away from its natural habitat. Officials lost sight of the creature overnight but it was later on spotted a few miles along the river.
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'I saw it on TV!': Why Trump supporter says she believes election lie

CNN - Δευ, 2021-05-10 18:11
A couple attending an event hosted by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) tell CNN's Donie O'Sullivan why they still believe debunked conspiracy theories cited as evidence that the 2020 presidential election was "stolen" from former President Donald Trump.
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Rahul Vohra, Indian vlogger, dies from Covid-19 after criticizing his hospital care in final video

CNN - Δευ, 2021-05-10 17:42
Indian actor and vlogger Rahul Vohra has died aged 35 from Covid-19, his wife said, shortly after he appeared in a final video criticizing the quality of his medical care.
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NYPD officer sprinted through Times Square to get 4-year-old shooting victim to safety

CNN - Δευ, 2021-05-10 17:41
A New York police officer sprang into action when a shooting erupted in Times Square over the weekend, wounding two women and a 4-year-old girl.
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Kevin McCarthy is pushing Liz Cheney out for saying almost exactly what he said after January 6

CNN - Δευ, 2021-05-10 17:21
On January 12, Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney announced that she would vote to impeach President Donald Trump for his role in inciting the violent insurrection as the US Capitol six days earlier.
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Here's what's next after Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit failed a postrace drug test

CNN - Δευ, 2021-05-10 17:08
Additional testing is planned after Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit failed a postrace drug test, throwing the horse's victory at Churchill Downs earlier this month into doubt.
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