Colombian protest leader dies a week after being shot eight times

CNN - Τρί, 2021-05-11 23:53
Colombian student activist Lucas Villa was declared brain dead Monday night, nearly a week after he was shot eight times at a peaceful protest against President Ivan Duque's government, CNN Espanol reported, citing a statement from San Jorge de Pereira University Hospital where he was being treated.
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Manchester City wins English Premier League title

CNN - Τρί, 2021-05-11 23:13
Manchester City can finally celebrate becoming the new English Premier League champion after fierce rivals Manchester United lost to Leicester City 2-1 on Tuesday.
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New images of Jupiter reveal some of the planet's mysterious features

CNN - Τρί, 2021-05-11 23:04
Images captured by two different telescopes are showing our solar system's largest planet in a new light.
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Billie Eilish admits wearing Billie Eilish wig on talk show

CNN - Τρί, 2021-05-11 22:21
Singer Billie Eilish admitted to "The Late Show" host Stephen Colbert that she wore a Billie Eilish Halloween wig when she was a guest on his show in February 2021.
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Israel ramps up airstrikes as barrage of rockets from Gaza continues

CNN - Τρί, 2021-05-11 21:59
Tensions between Israelis and Palestinians escalated further on Tuesday as Palestinian militants in Gaza fired hundreds of rockets into Israel, which in turn ramped up airstrikes on the coastal enclave, as unrest spread to cities and towns beyond Jerusalem.
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Former model born in Kakuma refugee camp reacts to possible closure

CNN - Τρί, 2021-05-11 21:59
The Kenyan government wants the United Nations to close the Kakuma and Dadaab refugee camps. Somali-American former model and humanitarian Halima Aden, who was born in Kakuma, discusses the potential closure of the camp after three decades.
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SE Cupp: This is a time of reckoning for the airlines -- and air travelers

CNN - Τρί, 2021-05-11 21:44
CNN Political Commentator SE Cupp says the Covid-19 pandemic is bringing necessary scrutiny to both airlines and passengers.
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The best home workouts designed by the fittest people on the planet

CNN - Τρί, 2021-05-11 21:34
How would you like to get in shape? We mean really in shape. Four of the best Crossfitters on the planet share some home workouts to keep you in shape despite the lockdown.
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'Dangerous' ex-English National Ballet dancer found guilty of sexual assaults

CNN - Τρί, 2021-05-11 20:55
A "dangerous and predatory" former English National Ballet principal dancer has been found guilty of sexually assaulting his teenage students.
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2 men accused of using chemical on officer Brian Sicknick at the Capitol riot to stay in jail, judge rules

CNN - Τρί, 2021-05-11 20:46
Two men accused of spraying police with chemical spray, including on Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, in the Capitol riot will stay in jail as they await trial, a federal judge ruled on Tuesday.
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Rand Paul and Dr. Fauci clash over Wuhan lab theory

CNN - Τρί, 2021-05-11 20:45
Dr. Anthony Fauci sparred with Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) during a Senate hearing on combating the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Ancient looted statue returned to Libya

CNN - Τρί, 2021-05-11 20:41
An ancient statue, believed to be looted from Libya during the civil war, has been returned to the country's authorities.
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It's a boat? It's a plane? No, it's a 'seaglider.' And it goes fast...really fast

CNN - Τρί, 2021-05-11 20:02
Boston-based REGENT says it's planning to build the first all-electric "seaglider," a ground-effect vehicle with top speeds of 180 mph. The company hopes it will change the future of transportation over water.
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Being a teen is tough. London teenagers share how the pandemic has made it even harder

CNN - Τρί, 2021-05-11 19:45
Away from her friends and regular routine, London teenager Eesha Parashara developed an eating disorder during the UK's first national lockdown, which began last March.
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Senior cybersecurity official warns attacks on US are growing more 'sophisticated frequent and aggressive'

CNN - Τρί, 2021-05-11 18:40
A top Biden administration cybersecurity official warned that cyberattacks on the nation's infrastructure are "growing more sophisticated, frequent and aggressive," at a Tuesday hearing focused on a spate of recent incidents impacting the US.
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Family of Andrew Brown Jr. to view body camera footage of his fatal shooting

CNN - Τρί, 2021-05-11 18:32
The immediate family of Andrew Brown Jr. will have the chance Tuesday to view police body camera video of Brown's death, following a judge's order that authorized the viewing.
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Why Rand Paul is still picking fights with Dr. Fauci

CNN - Τρί, 2021-05-11 18:12
CNN's Brianna Keilar rolls the tape on Sen. Rand Paul's (R-KY) coronavirus rhetoric and his never-ending feud with medical expert Dr. Anthony Fauci.
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Tesla's weak sales in China worry investors

CNN - Τρί, 2021-05-11 18:11
Tesla's recent run of bad publicity in China is apparently hurting its sales there, raising investor concerns.
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