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Hillary Clinton gets personal on Howard Stern show

Πέμ, 2019-12-05 16:18
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton makes a guest appearance on Howard Stern's show where she opens up about her personal life and politics.
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At least 58 people killed as boat carrying migrants sinks off Mauritania coast

Πέμ, 2019-12-05 16:12
At least 58 people were killed this week when a boat carrying dozens of migrants sank in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Mauritania, the International Organization for Migration said Thursday.
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Countries that speak the best English

Πέμ, 2019-12-05 16:10
If you're reading this story, the chances are you've got a pretty good grasp of English.
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Pelosi to give statement on impeachment

Πέμ, 2019-12-05 15:58
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Strikes set to paralyze France as protesters take to streets

Πέμ, 2019-12-05 15:58
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Trudeau's hot mic comments cause consternation in Canada

Πέμ, 2019-12-05 15:30
For many Canadians the news they woke up to from across the pond in London was difficult to fathom. Another global scandal putting Canada in the headlines? Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, sipped on a cold drink and was burned by a hot mic.
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Italian newspaper sparks race row with 'Black Friday' front page

Πέμ, 2019-12-05 14:53
Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport has been slammed for a front page that previewed a soccer game with the headline "Black Friday."
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Bushfire smoke wreaks havoc at Australian golf tournament

Πέμ, 2019-12-05 14:43
Bushfire smoke swamping a golf tournament in Australia forced one player to don a face mask and another to complain of burning eyes and coughing fits.
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France, Germany and UK reiterate claim that Iran has nuclear-capable ballistic missiles

Πέμ, 2019-12-05 14:32
Ambassadors from France, Germany and the UK have again alleged that Iran has developed nuclear-capable ballistic missiles, in a joint letter addressed to the United Nations Secretary-General officially released by the UN on Wednesday.
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King of confectionery: The man who created Hungary's birthday cake

Πέμ, 2019-12-05 14:32
Made with painstaking precision, Hungarian cakes are among the most luxurious and coveted in the world.
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Berlin's 'cursed' Brandenburg Airport finally nears completion

Πέμ, 2019-12-05 14:11
It's nine years late, billions of dollars over budget and so beleaguered by setbacks, complaints and inefficiencies that many were beginning to call it "cursed," but Berlin's new Brandenburg airport may finally be nearing completion.
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Cardi B is set to perform for the first time in Nigeria and Ghana

Πέμ, 2019-12-05 13:46
Grammy award-winning rapper and social media sensation, Cardi B is in Africa to perform for the first time on the continent in Nigeria and Ghana.
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Biden ad uses viral Trump NATO moment

Πέμ, 2019-12-05 13:27
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden released a video assailing President Donald Trump as "a president the world is laughing at" in the wake of a viral hot mic clip of world leaders appearing to joke about Trump's behavior at a NATO gathering.
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Stunning images from horse racing's photographer of the year

Πέμ, 2019-12-05 12:27
With man and beast straining every sinew against a backdrop of stunning scenery, it's no wonder the sport of kings lends itself to incredible photography.
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Archbishop Desmond Tutu in hospital treating 'stubborn infection'

Πέμ, 2019-12-05 12:13
Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu has been admitted to the hospital for the treatment of a "stubborn infection," according to a statement by his foundation.
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Australian police seize record-breaking $820 milllion meth haul

Πέμ, 2019-12-05 11:53
Authorities in Australia have seized a record-breaking haul of methamphetamine worth $820 million, hidden inside stereo speakers shipped from Thailand, the country's federal police and border force announced.
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Late-night hosts mock Trump's response to open mic moment

Πέμ, 2019-12-05 11:29
Trevor Noah, James Corden, Jimmy Fallon, and Jimmy Kimmel took turns poking fun at President Donald Trump's reaction to a video showing world leaders apparently joking about him at a NATO event at Buckingham Palace.
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Record breaking climber shocked by climate change effects

Πέμ, 2019-12-05 10:52
A former special forces soldier has taken the notion that "records are meant to be broken" to a whole new level.
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Ex-special forces soldier breaks climbing record

Πέμ, 2019-12-05 10:22
There are 14 8,000m peaks in the world -- "death zone" mountains. Nirmal 'Nims' Purja. set a world record by climbing them all in six months and six days.
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