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A hiker lost for 5 days says he survived off berries and bugs

Δευ, 2019-08-19 22:20
Five days after going missing during a horseback-riding trip, Kaden Laga, 25, was found alive and well on Friday morning.
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NYPD officer in 'I can't breathe' case fired

Δευ, 2019-08-19 22:10
The New York police officer accused of fatally choking Eric Garner in 2014 will no longer be on the police force, NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill said Monday.
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Pence talks tough to China over Hong Kong protests as trade war continues

Δευ, 2019-08-19 21:55
Vice President Mike Pence said Monday that chances of a trade deal with China would diminish if Hong Kong's laws are violated, also criticizing the country's human rights violations as antithetical to American ideals.
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Nuclear monitoring stations went mysteriously quiet after Russian missile facility explosion

Δευ, 2019-08-19 21:54
Four Russia-based nuclear monitoring stations that monitor radioactive particles in the atmosphere have mysteriously gone quiet after an August 8 explosion at a Russian missile testing facility, an explosion that has sparked confusion and concerns about possible increases in radiation levels, according to the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization.
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Bureau of Prisons chief removed in wake of Jeffrey Epstein suicide

Δευ, 2019-08-19 21:39
Attorney General William Barr removed the acting head of the Bureau of Prisons, the Justice Department said Monday, replacing the agency's top official in the wake of the suicide of Jeffrey Epstein earlier this month.
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At least 17 dead in fuel truck explosion

Δευ, 2019-08-19 21:07
At least 17 people died after a tanker truck carrying fuel exploded at a small trading center in western Uganda, police said on Monday.
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Disneyland honors woman's free admission ticket from 1985

Δευ, 2019-08-19 20:49
A lot of things have changed at Disneyland since 1985.
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Elton John defends Harry and Meghan's use of private jets and says he paid for trip to his home

Δευ, 2019-08-19 20:27
Environmental campaigners have accused the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of hypocrisy after the couple used private jets to fly to the south of France and Ibiza in two trips just days apart.
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This ex-president's cronies tried to break him out of jail ahead of his trial

Δευ, 2019-08-19 20:07
Sudan's former president Omar al-Bashir appeared in a Khartoum court for the first day of his high-profile corruption trial on Monday, against a backdrop of heightened security following a failed attempt to break him out of prison, CNN has learned.
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US tests cruise missile previously banned under treaty with Russia

Δευ, 2019-08-19 20:06
The US military conducted a flight test of a conventional ground-launched cruise missile off the western coast of the US Sunday, a missile test that would have been previously banned under the now defunct Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, the Pentagon said Monday.
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Turkey: Our convoys hit by Syrian airstrike

Δευ, 2019-08-19 19:49
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Couple face up to 6 years in jail for taking sand from beach

Δευ, 2019-08-19 19:39
We've all been tempted to bring a little bit of paradise home from our holidays. But the urge has backfired on a French couple, who are facing up to six years in prison for removing sand from a beach in Sardinia, where they had been on vacation.
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Mo Salah says teammate accused of sexual harassment needs 'treatment or rehabilitation'

Δευ, 2019-08-19 19:24
Liverpool star Mohamed Salah says his teammate on the Egyptian national football team Amr Warda requires "treatment or rehabilitation" after the player was alleged to have sexually harassed a woman on social media.
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Yes, tech companies may listen when you talk to your virtual assistant. Here's why that's not likely to stop

Δευ, 2019-08-19 19:21
Big tech companies don't like to talk about it. And when users find out it's happening, they're often surprised — and disturbed.
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Obama's high school basketball jersey nets $120,000 at auction

Δευ, 2019-08-19 19:08
President Barack Obama's game-worn high school basketball jersey went up for auction in Dallas over the weekend.
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Mohamed Salah is 'happy at Liverpool'; less so with the Egyptian FA

Δευ, 2019-08-19 19:07
Mohamed Salah could scarcely be happier.
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Giant hand statue disturbs locals in New Zealand city

Δευ, 2019-08-19 18:39
Is it a face with a hand or a hand with a face?
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At the bottom of a glacier in Greenland, climate scientists find troubling signs

Δευ, 2019-08-19 18:30
On one of the hottest days this summer, locals in the tiny village of Kulusuk, Greenland heard what sounded like an explosion. It turned out to be a soccer field's worth of ice breaking off a glacier more than five miles away.
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Messi and Ibrahimovic are award nominees

Δευ, 2019-08-19 18:24
Long-range screamers, mazy solo runs and stunning acrobatic strikes, this year's Puskas Award has it all.
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Prince Andrew 'appalled' by Jeffrey Epstein sex abuse claims

Δευ, 2019-08-19 17:59
Britain's Prince Andrew has said he is "appalled" by sex abuse claims surrounding his former associate Jeffrey Epstein.
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