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Maria Butina asks to be released from jail and sent back to Russia

πριν από 2 ώρες 50 λεπτά
Maria Butina has asked a federal judge to release her from prison and send her home to Russia after she spent nine months in jail since her arrest for acting as a foreign agent of the Russian government.
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Feds arrest man in connection with raid on the North Korean Embassy in Madrid

πριν από 3 ώρες 3 λεπτά
Federal authorities arrested a man in California Thursday in connection with a brazen February raid on the North Korean Embassy in Madrid.
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Heiress pleads guilty to crimes related to New York sex cult, pyramid scheme case

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Two women who were part of an alleged pyramid scheme that involved sex trafficking and racketeering each pleaded guilty to related charges Friday in a New York federal court.
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Xi Jinping is determined to end all poverty in China by 2020. Can he do it?

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In the small village of Gaibao, locals are filming short videos of their unspoiled and idyllic countryside on the Kwai streaming app.
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Armed Mexican troops question American soldiers on US side of border

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Two US soldiers were questioned by Mexican troops earlier this month while conducting a surveillance operation on the US side of the southern border, two US defense officials tell CNN.
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An Easter amid the ashes: Their churches charred, Christians in Louisiana and at Notre Dame Cathedral celebrate resurrection

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As Pastor Harry Richard watched the flames consume Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral on Tuesday, his soul swirled with emotions.
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Welcome to the post-Mueller presidency

πριν από 5 ώρες 9 λεπτά
Donald Trump's presidency -- or at least his first term -- will be measured this way: Before the Mueller Report (BMR) and After the Mueller Report (AMR).
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How Mueller used Bitcoin to catch Russia

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Russian operatives used cryptocurrency at almost every stage in their online efforts to interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, according to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's final report on his investigation.
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Disney is having an amazing April. Now here comes 'Avengers: Endgame'

Παρ, 2019-04-19 23:21
Disney's awesome month is about to get even better.
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My friend lost her life seeking the truth

Παρ, 2019-04-19 22:05
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Mali's PM and his entire government resign

Παρ, 2019-04-19 21:45
Mali's Prime Minister Soumeylou Boubèye Maïga and his entire government have resigned, said the country's secretary general in a statement.
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Mike Harris: My friend lost her life seeking the truth

Παρ, 2019-04-19 20:23
Last night, my friend Lyra McKee was shot dead by terrorists on the streets of Derry. She was shot in the head as she tried to cover riots which had broken out in the Creggan part of the city.
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Mueller's report looks bad for Obama

Παρ, 2019-04-19 20:06
The partisan warfare over the Mueller report will rage, but one thing cannot be denied: Former President Barack Obama looks just plain bad. On his watch, the Russians meddled in our democracy while his administration did nothing about it.
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Trump praises Libyan general as his troops march on US backed government in Tripoli

Παρ, 2019-04-19 19:53
President Donald Trump spoke with Libyan general Khalifa Haftar Monday, praising his role in fighting terrorism and securing Libya's vast oil resources even as Haftar's troops continue their offensive against the UN and US-backed government in the Libyan capital of Tripoli.
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A militia group is detaining migrants at the US-Mexico border

Παρ, 2019-04-19 19:50
A militia group near the US-Mexico border has started detaining migrants and handing them over to the US Border Patrol, the New York Times reported, citing social media posts and a spokesman for the group.
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Analysis: The 1 thing the report proves beyond any debate

Παρ, 2019-04-19 19:45
The Mueller report -- the result of a 22-month investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election -- didn't end the debate over whether President Donald Trump obstructed justice or acted inappropriately while in office. But there's one thing it proved beyond any debate: The President lies with remarkable ease and cajoles those around him to do the same.
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There were only 147 of world's fattest parrots alive -- and then came baby boom

Παρ, 2019-04-19 19:14
Behold the delightful kākāpō, a flightless bird that holds the honor of being the fattest kind of parrot in the world. These roly-poly land angels are native to New Zealand, and unfortunately, they are also critically endangered: Up until recently, there were only 147 of them.
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Exploding transformers lead to dazzling light display

Παρ, 2019-04-19 18:50
The explosion from power line transformers led to a remarkable light display in Kilgore, Texas.
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Filipino man marks Good Friday with an actual crucifixion for the 33rd time

Παρ, 2019-04-19 18:45
A man playing the role of Jesus Christ during Holy Week in the Philippines was crucified for the 33rd time on Good Friday.
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Don McGahn's refusal to follow the President's orders to fire Mueller may have saved Trump from impeachment

Παρ, 2019-04-19 18:38
On Friday morning, Donald Trump took to Twitter to attack the Mueller report -- and, not-so-subtly -- his former White House counsel Don McGahn.
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