Armenia opposition leader agrees to meet embattled PM

CNN - Κυρ, 2018-04-22 10:18
Armenia's opposition leader has agreed to hold talks with the country's newly-appointed Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan after nine days of mass demonstrations calling for Sargsyan's resignation, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) reports.
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US official may visit China over trade spat

CNN - Κυρ, 2018-04-22 09:53
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Jamie Margolin: You've failed your children on climate change

CNN - Κυρ, 2018-04-22 09:21
Dear leaders,
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See 3-year-old react to Princess Tiana doll

CNN - Κυρ, 2018-04-22 09:07
Janess Strickland filmed her 3-year-old daughter Madison's response to receiving a Princess Tiana doll. Strickland said her daughter's reaction is an example of why representation matters.
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It's not just the oceans: Microplastic pollution is all around us

CNN - Κυρ, 2018-04-22 08:39
Chances are you've seen the photos of dead seabirds, their stomachs filled with scraps of plastic foraged from beaches and oceans around the world.
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Hospital uses remote-controlled cars for kids

CNN - Κυρ, 2018-04-22 08:03
An Oklahoma City hospital is using remote-controlled cars when they send kids to surgery.
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Mitt Romney fails to secure Utah Republican nomination, will face primary

CNN - Κυρ, 2018-04-22 05:59
Mitt Romney did not win the Utah Republican Party's nomination on Saturday, meaning he must compete in a June primary election as he seeks to replace retiring US Sen. Orrin Hatch.
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The Korean War divided hundreds of families, Kim-Moon summit may be their last chance to reunite

CNN - Κυρ, 2018-04-22 03:58
A breakthrough. A stepping stone. A mistake.
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A look back at Melania's first year

CNN - Κυρ, 2018-04-22 03:23
Melania Trump is perhaps a unique first lady in modern history, an immigrant, a fashion model, a third wife, and by her own account, a notoriously private woman. CNN's Kate Bennett looks back at Melania's first year.
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Michael Jackson's moonwalk shoes for sale

CNN - Κυρ, 2018-04-22 02:20
The black loafers that Michael Jackson used to perform his signature moonwalk for the first time on stage are going up for auction.
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University expels frat over racist video

CNN - Κυρ, 2018-04-22 01:04
Syracuse University has permanently expelled the Theta Tau fraternity after footage emerged earlier this week of its members participating in a racist and anti-Semitic skit, Chancellor Kent Syverud said in a video statement Saturday.
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Red Cross employee killed in an attack in Yemen

CNN - Κυρ, 2018-04-22 00:27
A humanitarian aid worker was shot and killed in Yemen on Saturday morning after an attack on his vehicle, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said.
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Verne Troyer, 'Mini-Me' in Austin Powers films, dies at 49

CNN - Σάβ, 2018-04-21 23:52
Verne Troyer, who played Mini-Me in two of the Austin Powers comedy films, has died at the age of 49, according to statements posted to his social media accounts.
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Melania Trump looks to history for inspired state dinner with the Macrons

CNN - Σάβ, 2018-04-21 23:32
It is three days before the most important dinner party she has ever hosted, but Melania Trump is not at the White House, triple-checking details. Instead, she's in Houston, Texas, to pay her respects to one of her predecessors, Barbara Bush.
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The highest church tower in Holland is chiming out Avicii's songs

CNN - Σάβ, 2018-04-21 23:19
In a tribute to the late Swedish artist Avicii, a town in the Netherlands played some of his most popular songs with its bell tower on Saturday morning.
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Trump defends Cohen after NYT report

CNN - Σάβ, 2018-04-21 21:30
President Donald Trump aggressively defended his personal lawyer Saturday morning after The New York Times reported on Trump's sometimes poor treatment of the attorney, Michael Cohen, who the newspaper said might cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller in his probe into Russian election meddling.
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Inspectors visit site of suspected chemical attack in Syria after delays

CNN - Σάβ, 2018-04-21 21:25
Chemical weapons experts finally collected samples in the besieged Syrian city of Douma on Saturday, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said, after waiting for days to access the site of a suspected gas attack.
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India seeks death penalty for child rapists

CNN - Σάβ, 2018-04-21 20:14
India's Cabinet has passed an executive order to make the rape of a girl under 12 punishable by the death penalty as national outrage grows over sexual violence in the country.
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What to expect from Korean peace talks

CNN - Σάβ, 2018-04-21 18:03
With Kim halting missile tests and a Korean summit in the works, what might come of it? Korea expert (and viral video star), professor Robert Kelly, explains.
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