Sonny Bill Williams: 'We've been taught to be embarrassed of Islam'

CNN - Πέμ, 2019-12-12 14:43
After the Christchurch terror attacks, Sonny Bill Williams knew he had to speak out.
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Festive PSA: Tapping a can of beer doesn't stop it bubbling over, scientists say

CNN - Πέμ, 2019-12-12 14:28
It's an automatic reflex for many of us: obediently tapping a few times on a can of beer or soda to stop it from frothing over.
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Tiger Woods wins match but US team struggles in Presidents Cup

CNN - Πέμ, 2019-12-12 14:11
US team captain Tiger Woods promised his side is still "ready to go" despite falling 4-1 behind on the opening day of the Presidents Cup.
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Russia's only aircraft carrier catches fire; 6 believed injured and 1 missing

CNN - Πέμ, 2019-12-12 13:49
Russia's only aircraft carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov, caught fire on Thursday morning during repair work in Russia's Arctic Sea port of Murmansk, according to Russian state news agencies.
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How moment of 'madness' led to the launch of 'Spanish Royal Ascot'

CNN - Πέμ, 2019-12-12 13:36
It might lack the history of its namesake, but the "Spanish Royal Ascot" is adding a touch of English culture to the Balearic Islands.
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17 best Christmas markets around the world

CNN - Πέμ, 2019-12-12 13:08
Christmas shopping doesn't have to mean joylessly battling through department store crowds or trawling the Internet for bargains. Why not combine present-buying with some travel?
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World has its first $2 trillion company

CNN - Πέμ, 2019-12-12 13:07
Saudi Aramco shares zoomed higher on Thursday, turning the massive state oil producer into the world's first $2 trillion company and achieving the valuation long sought by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
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New Zealand military attempt retrieval of bodies from volcano island

CNN - Πέμ, 2019-12-12 13:03
Military personnel will attempt to recover bodies of the remaining victims of New Zealand's White Island volcano tragedy at first light Friday local time -- four days after it erupted.
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Mystery still surrounds the Shroud of Turin

CNN - Πέμ, 2019-12-12 12:35
When she was 24, Emanuela Marinelli was walking near the Vatican in Rome when she caught a glimpse of a "beautiful face of Christ" printed on a souvenir in the window of a shop run by nuns.
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Indian military deployed and internet shut down as protests rage against citizenship bill

CNN - Πέμ, 2019-12-12 12:33
Troops have been deployed to India's ethnically diverse northeastern states of Assam and Tripura, amid violent protests against the passing of a controversial and far-reaching law that offers a path to Indian citizenship for non-Mulism minorities.
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Jersey City attacker linked to Black Hebrew Israelites

CNN - Πέμ, 2019-12-12 12:22
The chaotic, hours-long police standoff that ended with four people dead, including a police officer, in Jersey City on Tuesday began at a cemetery, authorities say.
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UK election 2019 underway as voters head to the polls

CNN - Πέμ, 2019-12-12 11:15
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UK election 2019 underway as voters head to the polls

CNN - Πέμ, 2019-12-12 11:02
• Why the UK has such restrictive reporting laws on election day
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SoftBank-backed OneConnect slashes IPO target by nearly 50%

CNN - Πέμ, 2019-12-12 10:08
Another SoftBank-backed startup is slashing its valuation and stumbling toward an IPO.
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Here's how to say the words you mispronounced in 2019

CNN - Πέμ, 2019-12-12 08:59
Every year, something different captures our attention -- but we don't always know how to say it right. (Remember when we taught you how to pronounce "Beto O'Rourke" last year? And how to sound out "Namibia" the year before that?)
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Lawmaker to GOP: Wake up! Stop protecting corrupt president

CNN - Πέμ, 2019-12-12 08:57
Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI) made a plea to his Republican colleagues to "wake up" and warned of "trading the values of Madison for the values of Moscow."
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Swimmer dives into the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

CNN - Πέμ, 2019-12-12 08:05
In June, Ben Lecomte set out on a boat from Hawaii to spend 80 days swimming through the world's largest collection of marine litter.
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Runner hits TV reporter's backside during live report

CNN - Πέμ, 2019-12-12 07:39
WSAV TV reporter Alex Bozarjian was reporting live from a race in Savannah, Georgia, when a runner hit her on her backside.
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Hockey player Akim Aliu gets apology for blackface incident from his former team

CNN - Πέμ, 2019-12-12 07:05
Ex-National Hockey League player Akim Aliu got a public apology from his former team for "wrongdoing" by an equipment manager who was photographed in blackface.
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Impeachment debate is America in microcosm

CNN - Πέμ, 2019-12-12 07:02
The House Judiciary Committee, on a sprint to approve articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump as early as Thursday, is a perfect metaphor for America's estranged political moment.
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