Take Meghan Markle's citizenship test

CNN - Σάβ, 2018-05-12 16:00
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Trump claims he saved almost $1 billion on US embassy move

CNN - Σάβ, 2018-05-12 15:08
President Donald Trump spent roughly 10 minutes of an hourlong speech Thursday night in Indiana telling the story of how he saved nearly $999,800,000 on controversial plans to move the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem -- a claim he has made before in the months leading up to the facility's opening on Monday.
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Third teen allegedly raped and set ablaze this month in India

CNN - Σάβ, 2018-05-12 14:25
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Woman who ran over cheating husband released from prison

CNN - Σάβ, 2018-05-12 12:24
A woman convicted of killing her husband by repeatedly running over him with her car, has been released from a Texas prison.
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Trump declares 'major disaster' in Hawaii

CNN - Σάβ, 2018-05-12 11:59
President Donald Trump declared a major disaster in Hawaii after days of volcanic activity that sent molten lava and toxic fumes spewing into residential neighborhoods.
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Salmonella outbreak traced to eggs grows

CNN - Σάβ, 2018-05-12 10:53
A salmonella outbreak that led to the massive recall of 207 million eggs has worsened -- with 35 people reported ill in several states, federal health officials said.
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The long road to rugby stardom

CNN - Σάβ, 2018-05-12 10:40
There's a famous photo of England rugby player Billy Vunipola as a school boy.
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US stealth jets intercept Russian bombers

CNN - Σάβ, 2018-05-12 10:18
Two Russian TU-95 "Bear" bombers were intercepted by US F-22 stealth fighters in international airspace off the coast of Alaska on Friday, according to North American Aerospace Defense Command.
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US policy shifts on Mideast increase tensions in a region on the edge

CNN - Σάβ, 2018-05-12 08:37
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Former Malaysian PM Najib Razak barred from leaving country after shock election defeat

CNN - Σάβ, 2018-05-12 07:57
Malaysian immigration authorities have barred recently ousted Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor from leaving the country, they said Saturday.
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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' saved by NBC

CNN - Σάβ, 2018-05-12 07:54
NBC has answered the 9-1-1 call sent out by "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" fans.
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Iraq elections: Voters head to the polls at critical time

CNN - Σάβ, 2018-05-12 07:44
Iraqis go to the polls Saturday to vote in their first parliamentary elections since the defeat of ISIS last year, with the economy, jobs, security and corruption high on the list of voters' concerns as the country seeks to rebuild after years of conflict.
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Genealogist: Chain migration helped Pence family

CNN - Σάβ, 2018-05-12 06:38
Genealogist Jennifer Mendelsohn reviews the ancestry of various members of President Donald Trump's administration, including Vice President Mike Pence.
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Giuliani contradicts White House on sensitive AT&T-Time Warner deal

CNN - Σάβ, 2018-05-12 05:40
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Jesse Jackson: Why I'm taking to the streets again

CNN - Σάβ, 2018-05-12 03:22
A shantytown of plywood and pride, defiance and hope, Resurrection City was, 50 springtimes ago, the capital of Martin Luther King Jr.'s last crusade for peace and justice -- the Poor People's Campaign.
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Rubble and heartache remain 10 years after Sichuan earthquake

CNN - Σάβ, 2018-05-12 03:10
Li Yingxia was resting quietly at home in the afternoon of May 12, 2008, when the ground began to heave and people shouted "run!"
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Pakistan folk hero making life difficult for the ruling class

CNN - Σάβ, 2018-05-12 02:54
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US Navy SEALs in Africa suspended over alleged sexual misconduct

CNN - Σάβ, 2018-05-12 02:41
The commander and the senior enlisted adviser of a US Navy SEAL Team deployed to Africa have been relieved of their duties and sent home due to sexual misconduct allegations regarding multiple fellow US military female service members, a US defense official tells CNN.
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