Pompeii graffiti may rewrite history

CNN - Τρί, 2018-10-16 17:18
Newly discovered graffiti at the Pompeii archeological site could settle an old academic debate about the exact date of the Vesuvius eruption, rewriting the history of one of the ancient world's most significant events.
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Religious hate crime surges by 40% in England and Wales

CNN - Τρί, 2018-10-16 17:15
Religious hate crimes have surged by 40% in England and Wales, according to figures released by the UK government Tuesday.
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In photos: Prince Harry's and Meghan Markle's royal tour

CNN - Τρί, 2018-10-16 16:45
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, on Tuesday kicked off an official royal tour of Australia, New Zealand, Tonga and Fiji.
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"Dastardly, inhuman and ungodly," Nigeria says as Boko Haram executes nurse

CNN - Τρί, 2018-10-16 16:35
A second aid worker who was held hostage by Boko Haram for seven months has been executed after a deadline for negotiations expired, the Nigerian government said.
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Hospital gives children electric cars so they can drive themselves to operations

CNN - Τρί, 2018-10-16 15:48
A hospital in England has come up with a creative way to make operations a little less daunting for children, by providing them with miniature electric cars.
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Is Bavaria the start of a green revolution in Germany?

CNN - Τρί, 2018-10-16 15:39
The elections in the state of Bavaria on Sunday suggest a shift is underway among some German voters -- and the future is looking a lot greener.
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Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is moving to America

CNN - Τρί, 2018-10-16 15:07
The Chinese conceptual artist and political provocateur knows that with his pro-migrant message he's swimming against a populist tide. In Europe, right-wing politicians now regularly decry the migrants crossing the Mediterranean from Africa to Europe in overcrowded boats. And in the United States, President Donald Trump, at rabble-rousing rallies, promises to build a border wall to keep Mexican migrants out.
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China's video game crackdown causes epic stock plunge

CNN - Τρί, 2018-10-16 14:51
China's crackdown on video games has hammered one of its most valuable companies. And it's unclear when the situation will improve.
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Japan's samurai swordsmiths cling to a centuries-old craft

CNN - Τρί, 2018-10-16 14:23
At Fusahiro Shimojima's workshop, in the industrial city of Saitama, fires rage in small pits and an earthen floor absorbs the din of hammering. The 44-year-old Japanese swordsmith pounds the nascent blade of his newest creation, sending molten sparks flying majestically into air.
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Pompeo's meeting with the King lasted 15 minutes or less

CNN - Τρί, 2018-10-16 14:03
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A radical new look at the moon

CNN - Τρί, 2018-10-16 14:02
The moon has been receiving a lot of attention lately. From Elon Musk's SpaceX trip around the moon -- which recently signed on its first billionaire passenger -- to NASA's renewed plans for moon exploration, it seems we're in a new lunar space race.
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Volkswagen hit with huge fine over Audi diesel emission cheating

CNN - Τρί, 2018-10-16 13:34
Volkswagen has been fined another €800 million ($926 million) over its diesel emissions scandal, this time because of failings at its Audi subsidiary.
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... and Corporate America boycotts it too. Here's who is still going

CNN - Τρί, 2018-10-16 13:32
Some of the biggest names in US business and finance have canceled plans to attend a big investment conference in Saudi Arabia because of the unexplained disappearance of prominent Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
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Top European bank CEOs pull out of Saudi conference ...

CNN - Τρί, 2018-10-16 13:22
Saudi Arabia's isolation in the global business world deepened Tuesday as three of Europe's top bankers joined a growing list of executives who have pulled out of a high-profile investment conference in Riyadh next week.
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Missing journalist could shape Mideast for generations

CNN - Τρί, 2018-10-16 13:14
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Learning to live without LeBron James

CNN - Τρί, 2018-10-16 13:11
He may wear size-19 sneakers, but Kevin Love still has some big shoes to fill.
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How the super rich are saving the seas

CNN - Τρί, 2018-10-16 12:50
It may be a magnet for ocean-going excess, but the Monaco Yacht Show is becoming an increasingly precious jewel in the fight to save our seas.
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How a wooden bench is starting a revolution in mental health

CNN - Τρί, 2018-10-16 12:20
Dixon Chibanda spent more time with Erica than most of his other patients. It wasn't that her problems were more serious than others' -- she was just one of thousands of women in their mid-20s with depression in Zimbabwe. It was because she had travelled over 160 miles to meet him.
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Abuse of women in European parliaments widespread, study shows

CNN - Τρί, 2018-10-16 12:02
Sexism, harassment and violence against women are widespread in European parliaments, according to a study published Tuesday.
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'Crazy Rich Asians' is heading to China. Will it be a hit?

CNN - Τρί, 2018-10-16 11:56
"Crazy Rich Asians" is finally getting a run in China's lucrative movie market.
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