Acid attack survivors find love together

CNN - Δευ, 2017-04-10 08:02
It was love at first sight for Prashant Pingale.
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Chinese firm creates jobs in Trump country

CNN - Δευ, 2017-04-10 06:38
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How mahjong is changing with the times

CNN - Δευ, 2017-04-10 05:49
"The setting sun's endlessly endearing, but the light of day is disappearing," says Ho Sau Mei, one of Hong Kong's last mahjong tile carvers.
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Analysis: Egypt's failed security

CNN - Δευ, 2017-04-10 05:32
Fashil -- "failed" -- that's how many Egyptians, particularly Coptic Christians, are describing their government's handling of security in Egypt in the aftermath of the Palm Sunday bombings in Alexandria and Tanta.
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Spain's Sergio Garcia wins his first Masters

CNN - Δευ, 2017-04-10 05:28
For so long the nearly man who many had written off for a major title, Sergio Garcia finally made his breakthrough with a dramatic Masters victory at Augusta.
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US Supreme Court a bit like high school

CNN - Δευ, 2017-04-10 04:23
America's highest court has many traditions of seniority and hazing. Neil Gorsuch is now the junior most justice and is at the bottom of the totem pole.
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Fox to investigate O'Reilly claims

CNN - Δευ, 2017-04-10 01:18
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Opinion: Driving force behind violence

CNN - Δευ, 2017-04-10 00:44
After the bombing of two churches on Palm Sunday in Tanta and Alexandria, the Egyptian people have entered a state of mourning. Once again their Christian fellow citizens have been targeted and killed for their faith, and once again photos circulate across social media with the faces and stories of innocent Egyptians murdered as they gathered to worship.
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Coalition and rebel forces repel ISIS attack

CNN - Δευ, 2017-04-10 00:24
Anti-ISIS coalition troops and allied Syrian opposition forces have repelled an attack by the terrorist group on a joint base in Southern Syria, according to the coalition.
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Donna Rice Hughes: Melania should take the high road

CNN - Δευ, 2017-04-10 00:17
Never has there been so much lingering hostility so long after a presidential election.
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Dean Obeidallah: 'SNL' gets Trump and O'Reilly just right

CNN - Δευ, 2017-04-10 00:14
"Saturday Night Live" returned after a three-week hiatus and delivered a stinging and bold comedic takedown of both Bill O'Reilly and President Donald Trump's alleged history of sexual misconduct with women. Although "SNL" was unfair in one way -- it lumped Trump and O'Reilly's history of sexism together -- when in reality Trump's is far worse.
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Analysis: Steve Bannon's worst week

CNN - Κυρ, 2017-04-09 23:58
When Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump's chief strategist, appeared at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February, he appeared to be at the height of his powers.
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News anchor reports husband's death

CNN - Κυρ, 2017-04-09 21:59
Supreet Kaur, a news anchor in India, was reporting on a deadly accident and later learned that her husband was one of the victims.
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Skepticism lacking in Syria strike coverage?

CNN - Κυρ, 2017-04-09 21:33
Lara Setrakian and Jeremy Scahill discuss the impact of horrific images from Syria and journalistic shortcomings in the coverage of Trump's military attack.
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Ringleader of IRS scam arrested

CNN - Κυρ, 2017-04-09 19:29
Police in India have arrested a man they say was the ringleader of a network of call centers that allegedly swindled thousands of Americans out of millions of dollars.
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David A. Andelman: Is Trump now seeking overseas monsters to destroy?

CNN - Κυρ, 2017-04-09 19:26
On the Fourth of July in 1821, Secretary of State John Quincy Adams delivered a remarkable statement of American foreign policy that resonates as vividly today.
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Haley: 'Regime change' coming to Syria

CNN - Κυρ, 2017-04-09 18:57
In an interview on State of the Union, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley tells Jake Tapper that there is no role for Assad to govern the Syrian people
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Nader Hashemi: Obama's Syria mistake is now Trump's problem

CNN - Κυρ, 2017-04-09 17:36
Two positive developments can be discerned from the Tomahawk missile attack on Syria.
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TV anchor reports husband's death live on air

CNN - Κυρ, 2017-04-09 17:32
Supreet Kaur was anchoring the IBC24 news program Saturday morning when word broke of a deadly accident in northeast India.
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Somalia bombing kills at least 15

CNN - Κυρ, 2017-04-09 17:28
A suicide car bombing Sunday in the Somali capital Mogadishu killed at least 15 people, Somali police told CNN.
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