Cruise Critic picks world's best cruise ships for 2017

CNN - Τρί, 2017-12-12 11:07
Viking Cruises dominated the 10th annual Cruise Critic Editors' Picks Awards with five wins.
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Why am I not losing weight?

CNN - Τρί, 2017-12-12 11:01
Weight loss is still incredibly challenging for most people, as evidenced by the growing global obesity epidemic.
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'Man flu' is real, researcher claims

CNN - Τρί, 2017-12-12 10:53
Don't doubt it: "Man flu" is real, or so says one Canadian researcher who was "tired of being accused of overreacting."
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Aussie senator quits over 'Chinese influence'

CNN - Τρί, 2017-12-12 10:36
An Australian senator with close ties to a prominent Chinese businessman and political donor has stepped down amid growing concerns about China's influence over Australian politics.
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North Korea sanctions could hurt millions as winter bites, UN says

CNN - Τρί, 2017-12-12 10:19
As frigid winter weather sweeps over the Korean Peninsula, the United Nations has warned that punitive sanctions on North Korea could have unintended consequences for the country's long-suffering civilian population.
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Charles Jenkins, US Army sergeant who defected to North Korea, dies

CNN - Τρί, 2017-12-12 10:03
A former US Army sergeant who defected to North Korea while stationed on the Korean Peninsula at the height of the Cold War has died in Japan at the age of 77.
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Jimmy Kimmel brings out his son to talk about health care

CNN - Τρί, 2017-12-12 09:47
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Macron entices US scientists to France with climate grants as summit starts

CNN - Τρί, 2017-12-12 09:31
In a rebuke to US antipathy towards climate science, France's leader has announced the first winners of grants for international scientists to carry out their research in France.
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These officers took down the New York pipe bomb suspect

CNN - Τρί, 2017-12-12 08:32
Four police officers are being hailed as heroes for subduing the suspect in Monday's explosion at a New York City transit hub before the situation worsened.
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Women accuse Trump of harassment

CNN - Τρί, 2017-12-12 07:51
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Turns out 'recommended' Premium gas doesn't do much

CNN - Τρί, 2017-12-12 07:06
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Senate candidate's wife: 'One of our attorneys is a Jew'

CNN - Τρί, 2017-12-12 07:02
Roy Moore's wife, Kayla, argued that her husband is no bigot at a Monday night campaign rally, saying that "one of our attorneys is a Jew."
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Google wants you to experiment with its new photo apps

CNN - Τρί, 2017-12-12 06:34
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Tax overhaul could mean major changes to your paycheck

CNN - Τρί, 2017-12-12 05:07
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Fires burn area size of NYC, Boston combined

CNN - Τρί, 2017-12-12 04:18
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Medic who saved N Korean: He was going to die

CNN - Τρί, 2017-12-12 03:51
The American medic who helped save a North Korean soldier thought the defector would be dead shortly after he was rescued. Sgt. 1st Class Gopal Singh relives the moment with CNN's Paula Hancocks.
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Ex-Miss USA contestant: Trump inspected us

CNN - Τρί, 2017-12-12 03:34
Former Miss USA contestant Samantha Holvey says Donald Trump lined up all the pageant contestants to inspect them and later bragged on a radio show about walking in on them as they were changing.
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Beijing's 20 best hotels

CNN - Τρί, 2017-12-12 03:19
As Beijing marches ahead in the global power stakes, its armory of world-class hotels strengthens year on year, if not month on month.
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How to build a 'Star Wars' universe

CNN - Τρί, 2017-12-12 03:04
In January 1973, George Lucas wrote his first treatment for "Star Wars." Words did not come easily to the director, who always considered himself more a filmmaker than a screenwriter, but the universe in his mind was already bulging at the seams.
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