US President responds to attack by spreading debunked rumor

CNN - Παρ, 2017-08-18 00:03
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Tillerson, Mattis: Military option still in play for North Korea

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-08-17 23:19
The US continues to consider military options to respond to North Korea's aggressive pursuit of missile capabilities, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Thursday, swatting down claims that White House chief strategist Steve Bannon made in a magazine interview that "there's no military solution" to tensions with the rogue nation.
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What if Donald Trump is just winging it?

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-08-17 22:22
When President Donald Trump says or does something controversial or just plain dumb, the initial analysis is almost always the same: He's doing this on purpose to distract from something else!
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13 dead, 50 injured after van hits crowd in Barcelona terror attack

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-08-17 22:08
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Barcelona witness: 'A bunch of people dead here'

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-08-17 20:35
A witness films the immediate scene after a van struck pedestrians in Barcelona, Spain.
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Azarenka 'not willing' to leave son behind

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-08-17 19:21
Former world No. 1 Victoria Azarenka might miss this month's US Open because of legal issues involving the father of her child, the two-time grand slam champion has said in a statement on Thursday.
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Barcelona: Van hits crowd near Las Ramblas tourist spot

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-08-17 19:00
A van has plowed into a crowd of people in Barcelona, causing several injuries, local police say.
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Europe's migrant crisis is changing

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-08-17 18:15
Much has changed since the height of the refugee crisis that gripped Europe in the summer of 2015. Since the shocking images of drowned Syrian toddler Alan Kurdi went viral, the crisis has largely been out of international headlines.
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Striking similarities between KKK and Islamist jihadis

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-08-17 17:33
The white nationalists and KKK members who marched on Charlottesville, Virginia, have a great deal in common with a separate group they would never lock arms with -- or march alongside, bearing store-bought tiki torches.
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Best things to do in New York's SoHo neighborhood

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-08-17 17:19
New York City's SoHo (shorthand for South of Houston Street) is synonymous with shopping thanks to its mix of major chains -- Uniqlo, H&M, Victoria's Secret -- and high-end brands such as Marc Jacobs and Prada. But as one of Manhattan's best-known neighborhoods, there's also world-class food, drink and art as long as you know where to look.
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5 things every gig worker should know

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-08-17 17:16
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Why whiskey tastes better with a little water ...

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-08-17 16:53
If anyone has suggested adding a little water to your whiskey, you may want to give it a try. Rather than watering it down, the addition may act as a flavor enhancement, and we now know the science behind it, thanks to a new study.
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Daily Stormer: Now Russia blocks neo-Nazi website

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-08-17 16:14
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See in 360°: Live-fire military drill in South Korea

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-08-17 16:04
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Floyd Mayweather has big plans for his retirement

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-08-17 16:02
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Far-right Australian senator slammed for burqa 'stunt'

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-08-17 16:02
An Australian senator known for her strong stance against Muslim immigration has been widely condemned for wearing a burqa to Parliament House.
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Sierra Leone: New mudslide threat looms

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-08-17 15:49
The death toll from a devastating mudslide on the outskirts of Sierra Leone's capital climbed Thursday to 331 as mourners prepared to lay their dead to rest in a mass burial.
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Ten-year-old rape victim gives birth

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-08-17 15:12
A ten-year old rape victim who was denied an abortion has given birth in northern India.
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Tired by war, Syrians seek respite by the sea

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-08-17 14:51
Children splashing in the Mediterranean, young men and women in swimwear smoking hookah -- this could be any holiday hot spot, but it's Latakia, a seaside town in war-torn Syria.
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Fernando Alonso may 'look outside F1'

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-08-17 14:28
Fernando Alonso has had plenty of time to ponder his future over Formula One's summer break, but as the 2017 season gets set to resume in Spa, decision day is fast approaching for the two-time world champion.
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