Trump on N Korea: 'Military action would certainly be an option'

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-09-07 21:57
President Donald Trump downplayed the possibility of military action against North Korea on Thursday, saying such an event is neither inevitable nor preferable.
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SpaceX launches mysterious Air Force space plane

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-09-07 21:01
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New source of Jupiter's aurora discovered

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-09-07 20:26
Scientists are rethinking their understanding of Jupiter's powerful auroras after receiving data from NASA's Juno spacecraft.
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Top ISIS weapons experts killed in airstrikes, coalition says

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-09-07 20:21
The US-led coalition fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria said it killed two senior leaders who oversaw weapons research and drone operations for the terror group in airstrikes on Monday.
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Thai police probe teen's claim that 40 men raped her

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-09-07 19:54
Police in Thailand are investigating the alleged gang rape of a 14-year-old student last year.
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Hackers warn of flaws in German election software weeks before vote

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-09-07 19:37
A German hackers' collective has warned that software used to record and transmit voting tallies in many German states has "serious flaws" and is vulnerable to external attack just weeks before voters cast their ballots in federal elections.
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Trump told Haley she could speak her mind. She's doing just that

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-09-07 19:12
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Trump tweeted DACA reassurance after top Democrat asked him to

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-09-07 18:47
President Donald Trump on Thursday sought to reassure young undocumented immigrants who were brought to the US as children concerned about their future after speaking with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, two sources tell CNN.
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Golfers finish round as massive wildfire rages behind them

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-09-07 18:26
Everybody knows golfers just hate to stop a good round.
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Facebook's Russia ads disclosure 'tip of the iceberg'

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-09-07 18:15
Sen. Mark Warner said Facebook's disclosure that it sold political ads to a Russian troll farm was just the "tip of the iceberg" when it came to election interference on social media.
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Syrian star not giving up on World Cup dream

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-09-07 17:58
The entire Syrian team and coaching staff raced to one corner of the Azadi stadium, dancing in jubilation after a late, unlikely goal.
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Venice Film Festival: When fashion designers turn to movies

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-09-07 17:47
The fashion industry has often proven fertile ground for dramatic and comedic movies, from "Funny Face" and "Blow-Up" to "Zoolander" and "The Devil Wears Prada."
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Putin jokes: Tillerson 'fell in with the wrong crowd'

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-09-07 17:03
Russian President Vladimir Putin teased US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Thursday, saying that since the former ExxonMobil executive was given a Russian state honor in 2013 he "fell in with the wrong crowd."
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Live updates: 56,000+ without running water in Puerto Rico

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-09-07 16:12
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Merkel: Moral leader of the west?

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-09-07 16:12
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Is Trump deal with Democrats the start of a beautiful friendship?

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-09-07 14:57
The news that President Trump struck a back-slapping deal with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi (with photo evidence) attaching a three-month debt limit increase to funding for Hurricane Harvey -- followed by remarks on Air Force One just hours later reaffirming his commitment to Dreamers -- prompted speculation that perhaps the President was switching strategy to align himself not with members of his own party, but with Democrats.
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56,000+ without running water in Puerto Rico

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-09-07 14:51
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How the FBI smashed white supremacist group The Order

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-09-07 14:30
"White supremacist": It's a label that's come to dominate our conversations in the wake of deadly violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, but it's also one that has a deeply rooted history in the United States.
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Video: Aerial shots show devastation of Hurricane Irma

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-09-07 14:02
Lives have been lost and buildings destroyed after Hurricane Irma's 180 mph winds ripped through parts of the Caribbean.
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The soccer club of the future?

CNN - Πέμ, 2017-09-07 13:55
Walking through the corridors of Bayer Leverkusen's BayArena, you get the sense this is a club proud of its past.
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