Meek Mill's profound BET performance spotlights police violence

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Just weeks out of prison, Meek Mill debuted a song that delivered a blistering criticism of the criminal justice system at the BET Awards on Sunday night.
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Chinese tech investment in US is next target in Trump's crackdown

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Prosecutors cancel Stormy Daniels interview, attorney says

CNN - πριν από 2 ώρες 6 λεπτά
Federal prosecutors have canceled their planned interview with Stormy Daniels Monday, according to Daniels' attorney.
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Teenage soccer team feared trapped in Thai cave

CNN - πριν από 2 ώρες 26 λεπτά
A search is underway to rescue 12 teenage soccer players and their coach who are thought to be trapped in a cave in northern Thailand.
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'Westworld' season finale can't escape the maze it's created

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The following contains spoilers about the "Westworld" season 2 finale.
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Detainees: 'America is our last hope'

CNN - πριν από 4 ώρες 13 λεπτά
Detainees at a central processing center in McAllen, Texas, were "frightened" and told Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren that America is their "last hope," she told CNN after leaving the center Sunday.
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The global move from democracy to autocracy

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The cover of the last issue of the leading German news magazine, Der Spiegel, was a vivid illustration, indicative of one view of Donald Trump that seems to be growing. It showed a beaming Trump surrounded by Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Xi Jinping and Recep Tayyip Erdogan with the headline "Ich bin das volk," followed by, "Das zeitalter der autokratenz" -- "I am the people: The age of the autocrats."
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Actually, the US has a long history of separating families

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Many Americans across the US are angry with President Donald Trump for his "zero tolerance" immigration policy, which has sought to deter illegal entry by detaining and separating migrant families.
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Live out your Mario Kart dreams on the streets of Tokyo

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Always dreamed of racing through city streets in your very own go-kart while wearing a Super Mario costume?
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'Space Invaders' turns 40

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The "Space Invaders" arcade video game, celebrating its 40th anniversary, is an iconic piece of software, credited as one of the earliest digital shooting games. Like many early games, it and its surrounding myths showcase the cultural collisions and issues current at its creation by Japanese game designer Tomohiro Nishikado.
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Federal investigators to interview Stormy Daniels about Michael Cohen

CNN - πριν από 5 ώρες 40 λεπτά
Stormy Daniels will be interviewed by federal prosecutors from the Southern District of New York on Monday as part of their probe into President Donald Trump's former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, according to a source familiar with the investigation.
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Melania Trump promotes 'kindness, compassion, and positivity' at youth conference

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First lady Melania Trump made her first public appearance since her jacket controversy Sunday evening, speaking to the Students Against Destructive Decisions' annual conference where she emphasized the importance of kindness.
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Restaurant industry grapples with demons of addiction, mental illness

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Chef Brandon Baltzley has struggled with substance abuse for most of his adult life. He loves his job, he says. But the restaurant industry's high-stress, fast-paced culture fueled his appetite for drugs and alcohol as he rose through restaurants in Washington, New York and Chicago.
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The real reason Sarah Sanders was asked to leave restaurant

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It should come as no surprise that people are letting Trump administration officials know how they feel in public, writes Dean Obeidallah
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Colombia sends Poland home in rout

CNN - Κυρ, 2018-06-24 23:35
Keisuke Honda's late goal put the brakes on Senegal's surge toward the last-16 of the World Cup to ensure Group H remains wide open.
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Saudi woman fulfills lifelong dream to drive F1 car after ban lifted

CNN - Κυρ, 2018-06-24 23:03
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Brigitte Nielsen gives birth at 54

CNN - Κυρ, 2018-06-24 22:51
Actress Brigitte Nielsen, 54, gave birth to her fifth child after announcing her pregnancy in May on Instagram.
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Trump: Deport 'these people' without judges or court cases

CNN - Κυρ, 2018-06-24 21:59
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This English bulldog is the World's Ugliest Dog

CNN - Κυρ, 2018-06-24 21:24
Woof, these are some total dogs. And that's the point.
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