Target, Lowe's earnings push Wall St. higher ahead of Fed minutes

Reuters - Τετ, 2019-08-21 19:46
Wall Street's main indexes rose about 1% on Wednesday, as upbeat earnings from retailers Lowe's and Target reinforced confidence in consumer demand, while investors awaited the release of the Fed minutes for further clues on the path of interest rate cuts.
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Trump says he is seriously looking at ending birthright citizenship

Reuters - Τετ, 2019-08-21 19:42
U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that his administration was seriously looking at ending the right of citizenship for U.S.-born children of noncitizens and people who immigrated to the United States illegally.
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UK miscounted EU, other immigrants before Brexit vote

Reuters - Τετ, 2019-08-21 19:40
Britain has undercounted its long-term immigrants from the European Union by almost a quarter of a million and overestimated how many non-EU students stayed in the country after their studies, statisticians said on Wednesday.
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Hong Kong protesters clash with police, angry at lack of prosecutions after subway mob attack

Reuters - Τετ, 2019-08-21 19:37
Thousands of Hong Kong residents held a sometimes scrappy anti-government protest on Wednesday at a suburban subway station that was attacked by a mob last month, angry that nobody has yet been prosecuted for the violence.
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UK's Corbyn invites lawmakers to meet next week to discuss how to stop no-deal Brexit

Reuters - Τετ, 2019-08-21 19:31
UK Labour opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn MP has invited leaders of other political parties and senior lawmakers from across parliament to meet to discuss all tactics available to stop Britain leaving the EU without a deal, Labour said on Wednesday.
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U.S. home sales rise, boosted by lower mortgage rates

Reuters - Τετ, 2019-08-21 19:22
U.S. home sales rose more than expected in July, boosted by lower mortgage rates and a strong labor market, signs the Federal Reserve's shift toward lower interest rates was supporting the economy.
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Trump says he will push to close background check loopholes for gun buys

Reuters - Τετ, 2019-08-21 19:19
U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday his administration would seek to fill in background check loopholes for gun purchases after Democrats accused him of reversing course on gun control measures.
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Trump: 'I am the chosen one' to fix U.S. trade imbalance with China

Reuters - Τετ, 2019-08-21 19:08
U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday his life would be easier if he had not mounted a trade war with China but said "I am the chosen one" to take on Beijing.
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Protesters cry 'stop Brexit' as UK PM Johnson meets Merkel in Berlin

Reuters - Τετ, 2019-08-21 19:08
Protesters cried "stop Brexit" as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson arrived for talks with Angela Merkel at the German Chancellery in Berlin on Wednesday.
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U.S. imposes sanctions on three Chinese accused of fentanyl trafficking

Reuters - Τετ, 2019-08-21 19:06
The U.S. Treasury on Wednesday imposed sanctions on three Chinese men accused of illegally trafficking fentanyl, acting three weeks after President Donald Trump accused Beijing of reneging on pledges to stem a flood of the highly addictive synthetic opioid into the United States.
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Trump calls Danish leader's statement on selling Greenland inappropriate, not nice

Reuters - Τετ, 2019-08-21 19:03
President Donald Trump on Wednesday said the Danish prime minister's statement that selling Greenland was absurd was inappropriate and not nice, adding that a U.S. purchase of the autonomous Danish territory was just an idea.
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Trade woes to shave 0.3% from U.S. GDP by 2020: congressional budget experts

Reuters - Τετ, 2019-08-21 18:57
Higher trade barriers, including President Donald Trump's tariffs, are taking a toll on the U.S. economy as rising domestic prices reduce consumers' purchasing power and increase the cost of business investment, congressional budget experts said on Wednesday.
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Target shares surge on same-day delivery boost

Reuters - Τετ, 2019-08-21 18:43
Target Corp beat expectations for earnings and raised its full-year outlook on Wednesday as its investments in same-day delivery and pick-up services increased traffic to its website and stores, sending shares 19% higher.
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G7 or G5? Trump and Johnson add unpredictability to French summit

Reuters - Τετ, 2019-08-21 18:33
Brexit Britain's overtures to U.S. President Donald Trump risk further complicating the search for common ground this weekend at a Group of Seven summit already clouded by transatlantic rifts over trade, Iran and climate change.
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World stocks lead risk rally amid stimulus, recession talk

Reuters - Τετ, 2019-08-21 18:26
A global equities gauge rose on Wednesday for a third day in four as bets on more economic stimulus overcame, for now, worries over the rising prospect of a global recession.
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Trump draws U.S. backlash on Jews' disloyalty comments

Reuters - Τετ, 2019-08-21 16:48
Democratic presidential candidates and U.S. Jewish groups condemned President Donald Trump's remarks accusing American Jews who vote for Democrats of "great disloyalty," while the Republican leader stuck to his criticism on Wednesday.
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Parkland massacre survivors unveil sweeping U.S. gun-control plan ahead of 2020 election

Reuters - Τετ, 2019-08-21 16:44
Survivors of the Parkland, Florida, high school massacre on Wednesday released a sweeping gun-control plan that would ban assault-style rifles and take other steps in hopes of halving U.S. firearms deaths and injuries.
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Italy's PD opens door to possible 5-Star government, sets conditions

Reuters - Τετ, 2019-08-21 16:38
Italy's main opposition party said on Tuesday it was ready to hold talks with the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement over forming a government following the collapse of the previous, populist coalition.
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Shock in Denmark after Trump, spurned over Greenland, cancels visit

Reuters - Τετ, 2019-08-21 16:36
Danish leaders expressed shock and disbelief on Wednesday over U.S. President Donald Trump's cancellation of a state visit to Denmark after its prime minister rebuffed his interest in purchasing Greenland.
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Danish PM says cancellation of Trump visit won't hurt good U.S. relations

Reuters - Τετ, 2019-08-21 16:36
Denmark's prime minister said on Wednesday that U.S. President Donald Trump's cancellation of a state visit after Denmark rebuffed his interest in purchasing Greenland would not affect close relations between the two allies.
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